Vision and Mission

Our strategic values and objectives

Life at MGA is about unlocking one's God-given potential. It teaches the importance of constructive questioning and a sense of responsibility with excellence, care, integrity, passion and creativity.


Our core values at MGA Schools

We encourage students to appreciate the value of hard work, their own inborn capability, the strengths of those around them, and the contribution of all those who have gone before. We believe in fostering individual growth and encouraging generosity of spirit. Our core values are:

The Core Business

Our business as an educational institution is to raise an all-round people in a conducive, stimulating and child-friendly environment. To achieve this, the school runs a module of programs that have been clustered together under the four key pillars:


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading school in the provision of holistic education in Kenya and beyond. We intend to accomplish this goal while also remembering the countless individuals who have contributed to our success thus far.

Our Mission

MGA School’s Mission is to nurture learners towards unleashing their child’s God-given potential. This is what we live to do, what we are constantly striving to better. The words induce several of our core beliefs that we carry with us in our day to day activities.



Maintain a high level of Academic Performance.


Nurture and instill strong moral values for Character formation.


Help students develop their skills and talents at the best of their capability.


Produce strong students who can become the leaders of tomorrow.

It is possible!

We are a strong community and God himself defends us.
We be believe that it is our time to arise and build and we welcome you to build with us.