MGA School Kasarani

The Kasarani Campus

MGA Class Environment

Top Notch Primary Facilities

We offer state of the art facilities

Our campus offers mastery and competence in academic and extra curricular programs, that in turn benefit the child and mold them into a holistic student.

With the presence of the new curriculum, we have taken it upon ourselves to integrate it into our learning experience. So join us and best position your child for the future

MGA School Kasarani

State of the art Facilities

We believe in getting your child started with an amazing foundation. Here at the MGA Kasarani Campus, we ensure that your child will enjoy their time with us.

We run a top notch campus, that our parents can rest easy knowing that their children will be safe and in a conducive environment; a “home away from home” set up. 

Day Program Tuition

The Kasarani Campus offers Day school primary classes. From Creche to Class 8

We pride ourselves in offering the best of the best for our customers. We go above and beyond the school curriculum offered and are game changers in the implementation of the CBC Curriculum.

MGA Schools Classroom

Additional Programs

MGA Schools encourages students to take part in various curricular and co curricular activities.

Our extra curricular services span from activities such as; 

  • Ballet 
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Scouting
  • French lessons
  • Musical

and so much more. We believe in educating your child Holistically.

Time taken in school
8 hours
Tuition Time
Character Development
Skills and talent
Education, if it means anything, should not take people away from the land, but instill in them even more respect for it, because educated people are in a position to understand what is being lost.

Wangari Maathai

Kenyan Activist

Billing and Financial Information

All fees must be paid for before or by their due dates to assure the student's place at the School.

New students are advised to process their admission fee once acceptance from the Headteacher is processed.

Bank details for Wire Transfer

  • Barclay's Bank
    MGA Kasarani
    Account #2037774327
  • M-pesa
    Paybill: 807123
    Account #childsname

Note: The School will not be responsible for transfer of money in wrong account. Please double check the details before sending.

Learn from the very best!

We make sure every class is easily understood and that all students attain a level of expertise needed for them to go ahead in the next step of life.
Join our school and set your child for a brighter future today.

Payment Options

Credit Cards

We've got you covered with a PDQ machine. Come swipe your card from the office.


We offer Paybill M-pesa Services.

EFT from Banks

Get into contact with us for our bank info details and directly transfer into our account and forward the details.

Bank Slips

Once you get in touch with us, you can go ahead and transact from your bank and bring us a bank slip as a way to verify your payment.

Whom to contact

In case of any query, please contact members of our billing department.
They would be more than glad to help you.

Where you can find us: