MGA School Kasarani

Arising and building


Learning in MGA Kasarani

MGA Kasarani was the 2nd campus to be brought into the MGA Fraternity.

MGA School Kasarani is located along Seasons Road in Kasarani. This is our 2nd largest campus as per the population of students it houses and was also the 2nd campus to be started under the umbrella of MGA Schools. The campus offers a robust learning program with  classes all the way from kindergarten upto class 7.

MGA Kasarani is currently running a day program for all of its students.

Day Program Tuition

The day program tuition is available for all students in the school.

The day program is available to all students from Monday-Friday, between 8:00am-3:30pm. Class seven students avail themselves on Saturday from 8:00am-1:00pm for supplementary classes which is provided by the school.

We also offer well-cooked meals and a transport program for our students.

Learning at Kasarani
The MGA Fraternity believes in nurturing and building a skilled and talented child. Here, we encourage students to explore and discover themselves as much as they can.

Talent and skills Pillar

Additional Programs

MGA Kasarani offers a wide range of cultural and co-curricular activities.

The cultural and co-curricular activities that are provided by the school help the students to engage themselves both physically and mentally.

Dancing lessons
Musical Instruments Lessons
ICT Lessons
French and Chinese lessons
Swimming and Skating

Whom to contact

In case of any query, please contact members of our Administration and Finance department.
They would be more than glad to help you.


Jackson Marigi

Head of School

Ann Ndanu

Front office desk Administrator

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