About us

Established just about 20 years ago, MGA Schools is an inspiring group of state of the art educational institutions within Kenya.

We are MGA Schools and our goal is to provide a solid foundation for children as a leading institution in the education sector. Therefore, ours is to provide a holistic education, and a unique learning experience for students in which we teach them how to unlock their God-given potential.

Our four pillars are the Academic pillar, the Character formation pillar, the Leadership pillar and the Talents and skills pillar and these are the driving force behind our entire philosophy.

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The fundamental purpose of MGA Schools is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.


Director, MGA Schools Academy

What sets us apart?

We believe that there are many reasons to be a part of the MGA Fraternity.

We pride ourselves as an experienced institution of learning, being that we have 20 years of experience in this industry. We specialize in tutorship, child care and development as well as talent formation which are some of the things that have contributed to our success as an organization. 

We also have a robust workforce, a wide range of campuses, state of the art facilities and an upcoming Junior Secondary school that will continue to drive our narrative. 

Years been in existence and having a solid foundation and structure.
Campuses spread across the Nairobi region.
The total number of students that we are handling, across all campuses.
Total number of staff ensuring that our work processes run smoothly.
Number of alumni who have passed our hands.
Currently launching our first Junior Secondary school campus.

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